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Tips to buy a convertible car seat

If you are expecting parents, you have two choice of buying car seats – either infant seat or convertible seat. Infant car seats usually take weight up to 40 pounds and they are mostly rear facing. Convertible seats usually can be converted to front facing from rear facing when the need arises. It can fit in children weighing from 40 to 80 pounds and of height ranging from 40 to 57 inches. There is another type of convertible seat which can change from back facing to front facing mode and then can switch to booster mode. To get further information you can read maxi cosi pria 85 or 70 reviews. They are usually considered as all-in-one car seats which can take up to 120 pounds of weight in booster mode.

Buying convertible seats are economical when compared to buying infant seats. Experts opine that infant seats are safer for the new born babies but most of the parents feel that their babies find convertible seats to be great. However, parents have to consider a few things before buying convertible seats. Here are a few tips to buy a convertible car seat:

1)    1)   Safety is the primary factor that you have to look into. The seat has to comply with the federal regulations of the country. It does not mean necessarily that the expensive car seats are safer. The seat has to fit in the car and also accommodate your child comfortably. Look for safety features like safety pads for side impact protection and strong holders.

2)      2) Ease of installation is the next factor as installing high end car seats are little cumbersome. Looking for 5 point harness is also important which secures your baby’s shoulders, hip region and legs. The harness adjustment has to be comfortable while transitioning from rear facing to front facing mode. Check for five star rating for ease of use from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

3)    3)   Easy adjustments are the next factor as you have to adjust the harness when the child grows. Look for harness adjustments that can be done with one hand belt adjustments and fast release buckles. LATCH connectors enable easy installation of seats directly in the vehicle’s frame instead of attaching them through seat belts. All convertible seats usually are fitted with tethers at the top and anchor connectors at the base. Manufacturers usually recommend not using the tether straps in rear facing mode. So, always check the instructions for using tether straps and also for LATCH weight limit.

4)    4)   Next is the possibility for easy cleaning. Children spill food and liquid stuffs, so cleaning of seats becomes a routine. Check if the seats are easy to clean enabling easy removals of pads and seat covers without having to disassemble the seat or adjust the harness.

These are important factors that you have to look for while buying convertible car seats.

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